My Recent Experience at the Store

Cashier says that’ll be $4.77 sir. I give her a five dollar bill and two pennies. She stares at in for a moment and then says, “I don’t need the pennies” and starts to hand them back.

“I say, I gave you two pennies because I want a quarter back. “

The hamsters in her head start turning, smoke is coming out of her ears, but she is dumb founded and says, huh?

There’s no one in line behind me. So, I say, “forget the two pennies. Let’s set them to the side and just give me change for the five.” I then set the change down add the two pennies and say “now give me a quarter.”

She says, “oh my God! It’s like magic!”

“Yeah, magic,” I say, “or basic 6th grade math…”